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Mooreland Art Club’s
APRIL 15, 2017 : Elementary Cafeteria & Gym

NEW THIS YEAR:  Indoor Flea Market w/Concessions, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Followed by Our Popular BBQ Dinner, Served 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.
(Ticket sales for Dinner to start Next Week)

AVAILABLE 10’ x 10’ SPACES for ONLY $15
For More Info, Call Robert Beatley at 580-994-5426, ext. 124

Congratulations, students for placing in the county litter poster contest and qualifying for State!
Jr. High Winners
 – Hasanah Searcy
 – Molly Adams
3rd – Dawson Frazier

Sr. High Winners
1st – Julia Linker
2nd – Denton Mars
3rd – Kaitlyn Phillips


Art Toons by Bob Beatley

I want to start this article by (once again) mentioning our 6th Annual Mooreland Art Club "Spring into Art" Barbecue Dinner and our new Indoor flea Market and Garage Sale. They are both coming up quickly on the 15th of April at the Elementary cafeteria and the gymnasium next door. Our menu for the barbeque this year, will be slightly different from the years before. We are going to offer both barbequed beef brisket and pulled pork this year. We did this a couple of years back, and I feel it went over really well, so I felt we needed to try it again. We will also be offering both green beans and baked beans along with baked potatoes, rolls, desserts and drinks. The tickets are for sale now from any art club member, or just call the school office and ask for me, Mr. Beatley.

Now, I would like to write about our new Indoor flea Market and Garage Sale. We are still in need of some great people to rent our booths in the Elementary Gymnasium on the 15th. They are very inexpensive and your capacity for sales should be very good with the advertising we will be doing. An 8 x 10 space is only $15 and a majority of that fee will go to supplies for our local Elementary school. We hope to garner participation from every individual, family, or club that has stuff that they need to get rid of or just have too much of. Please look at this as an opportunity to help out your pocket book and our Mooreland elementary students at the same time. Please call 994-5426 for more information. 

I also want to remind everyone that we have several entries on display at the Plains Indian and Pioneer Museum’s Paul Luane Show. As you should know by now, we had two students… Krishna Gandhi and Shayla Kaup place 1st and 2nd in their respective categories (Watercolor and Photography). I am very proud of of these two and every Mooreland art student who got in this fine show. As I mentioned in the last "Art Toons", we entered 35 pieces in this show. I am proud to announce that we had 17 seperate pieces of artwork chose for award or display at this competition. To find out who the other students are and view their works, please take a short trip to the museum and give a look at some wonderful pieces by not only my students but also some of the best art students from all over Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. Beside the Paul Luane show, we have several other great competitons coming up that I will keep you up on during the next month. For now though, I am going to wave good bye to all of you for this week, so I say so long for this week.

Artistically yours, Robert Beatley.

No. Student Name Title of Piece Category (& media) Price if any or NFS

1 Julia Linker “Albert Einstein” #2-Transparent Watercolor NFS

2 “ “ “Astro-NOT” #5-Colored Pencil & Marker “ “

3 “ “ “Silhouette of Bird...” #2- Opaque Watercolor “ “

4 “ “ “Surfin’ the Milky Waves” #1-Acrylic on Canvas Shoes “

5 Denton Mars “Old Hunter’s Remedy” #3- Pencil “ “ Theme Entry

6 Zac Owens “ Farrier’s Fire Pit” #3- Pencil“ “ Theme Entry

7 Jacoby Wooldridge “Mirror Image Seashell” #7- Photography “ “

8 “ “ “ “Strength of the Track” #7- Photography“ “

9 “ “ “ “Fresh Track/Old Rock” #7- Photography“ “

10 Shayla Kaup “Colored Memories of... #7 Photography“ “

11 “ “ “ “Spiral Wood” #7 Photography“ “

12 “ “ “ “Bridging the Expanse” #4- Ink on Washed Board “

13 Caleb Marcum “Sky Scraper of the West#7-Digitized Photography “ “ Theme Entry

14 Krishna Gandhi “Colors of a Cold, Dead...” “7- Photography” “ “

15 “ “ “ “Ice in the Air On a ...” #2-Transparent Watercolor NFS

16 Collin Curry “Moab Arches” #7 Photography NFS Theme Entry

17 “ “ “ “Back Trails of Moab” “ “ NFS Theme Entry

18 Jane Curry “Sweet Colors of Summer” #2-Watercolor on Photo NFS

19 “ “ “ Locust Drying in the Early... #8- Mixed Media NFS

20 “ “ “ “Rose Ballad” #7 Photography NFS

21 Rowdy Mars “Contemplating on an... “#7- Photography“ “

22 Kobe Gainer “Holey Perspective” #7- Photography“ “

23 Kobe Gainer “Challenging Hurdles” #7- Photography“ “

24 Rowdy Mars “All American Ojo Dejos” #6- 3-d Crafts (God’s Eye” )“ “

25 Krishna Gandhi “After the Storm” #7- Photography“ “

26 Denton Mars “Capt. America’s God’s...#6- 3-d Crafts (God’s Eye” )“ “

27 Christopher Kincaid “Remnants of an Ancient.. “#7- Photography“ “

28 J. Gomez “The Red Five” #6- Pottery (3-d)“ “

29 “ “ ” The Captain Rocks” #6 “ ““ “ “

30 Jewel Shepherd “My Dreams are Caught” #8 Misc. Weaving “ “

31 Jane Curry “Spread Your Wings” #7-Photography“ “

32 Krishna Gandhi “Cattails in the Springs... #7-Photography “ “

33 Jewel Shepherd “Mardi Gras Mask” #6- Sculpture“ “

34 J. Gomez “J the Dripper’s Tray” #6- Multi Pot“ “

35 Denton Mars “Shells on the Close Side” #3-Pencil

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