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High School Check List

Is your student on the right track?
Click on the check list below for tips and guidelines.

Senior Check List

Junior Check List

Sophomore Check List

Freshmen Check List


Voter Registration Form



Crisis Text Line 1-800-522-8336 – This is a hotline for teenagers to use when they need someone to listen.

Elementary Resources

Is your first grader ready for college?

Are you mad? sad? glad?
Click here to learn about feelings!



Reading Rockets

5 Ways You Can Help a Child Succeed in School

1. Show you care. Your child needs hugs and words of support. Ask your child about school each day.
2. Read, read, and read. Read with your child or have him read every day. Make it fun – talk about what you have read.
3. Make home a place for learning. Help your child practice reading, writing, math and science skills. Stimulate your child’s creativity.
4. Promote healthy habits. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and exercise and eats balanced meals. Schedule regular check-ups.
5. Be a role model. Your child learns from you. Be positive about education and show you enjoy learning.



NCAA Eligibility Center

Students interested in playing NCAA sports (college level) need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  (Formerly NCAA Clearinghouse)  This is the students responsibility.Please make sure your counselor is aware of the students desires to play NCAA sports.